Cladmate’s NestClad Range is a pioneering solution for architects and developers seeking to integrate biodiversity into their building projects. Our nesting spaces, seamlessly incorporated into almost all rainscreen cladding systems, provide essential habitats for various urban wildlife species, including birds, bats and pollinators. Constructed from durable materials and requiring minimal maintenance, the NestClad Range prioritises both functionality and environmental responsibility, contributing to a healthier urban ecosystem.


Specific cavity requirements may vary, please consult Cladmate Technical for detailed information.

Bee Brick

NestClad’s Bee Nest Bricks seamlessly integrate into your rainscreen cladding system, providing a vital habitat for solitary bees, essential pollinators whose populations are declining in the UK. Compatible with any bee brick on the market, our versatile system also accommodates bespoke brick options, perfectly matching your project’s specific brick type and colour to ensure a cohesive aesthetic. Expertly constructed, these bricks offer ideal nesting cavities for a variety of solitary bee species, enhancing biodiversity within your urban environment.

Bird Box

BioClad’s specialised nest boxes cater to the specific needs of various bird species, promoting biodiversity and supporting healthy populations. All our nest boxes are crafted from durable materials to withstand the elements and ensure the well-being of their feathered inhabitants.


  • Swift Nest Boxes recreate their preferred nesting habitats for declining swift populations, offering a lifeline for these aerial insectivores. 
  • Sparrow Nest Boxes provide safe, sheltered spaces for these familiar songbirds, fostering their presence in urban environments. 
  • Starling/Black Redstart nest boxes support these cavity-nesting insectivores, with design considerations for their foraging behaviours. 

Bat Box

Bats, nature’s expert pest controllers, are facing a decline in population due to the loss of suitable habitats, posing a threat to our ecosystem’s health. NestClad’s Bat Roosting Boxes address this issue by providing secure and sheltered roosting sites within your building’s facade, fostering a thriving urban ecosystem and supporting these valuable animals.