CMS40 - MF Slip Brick Cladding Support System

The CMS40 MF Slip Brick Slip Support System is a mechanically fixed brick slips cladding which stands out with its easy installation and minimal maintenance. The system provides a lightweight yet durable solution to traditional brickwork without compromising the aesthetics. Engineered as completely fireproof, it aims to save users time and money with low installation and maintenance costs.


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Key Features and Benefits

  • A1 Rated, non-combustible for fire safety compliance
  • Suitable for buildings over 18 meters; can be safely used in buildings of any height
  • Suitable for almost all substrates, including timber frame and concrete blockwork, and can be used both on internal and external applications
  • Lightweight; system weight is approximately 53 kg/m²
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy to Install; not weather dependant and minimal wet trade
  • Support system components are fully recyclable
  • Helps achieve required U-Values when teamed up with insulation
  • Compatible with brick slips of 22 (±2mm) thickness in both imperial & metric sizes and running and stack bonds


System Components

  • Helping Hand Bracket
    Cladmate Fortis Single and Double Bracket 40-300mm in 6063 T6 Aluminium/Stainless Steel
  • Profile
    Cladmate T/L/Corner Profiles in Aluminium/Stainless Steel
  • External Insulation
    Terrawool RainClad TWR60 30-240mm, 1200 x 600 mm, stonewool, thickness as required
  • Horizontal Support Rail
    Horizontal Support Rail (Top, Mid & Bottom)
  • Fixings
    EJOT fixings for substrate, bracket to rail, rail to rail
  • Brick Slip
    22mm Clay Brick Slip, extruded/cut
  • Pointing Mortar
    Sika Historic Pointing Mortar, Lime based