Terrawool TW

Terrawool TW consists of stone wool insulation boards which can be applied to all type of construction projects to achieve a high thermal and acoustic performance as well as A1 fire rate.

TW series are suitable for all type building projects’ floors, internal partition walls and separating walls application. With a significant thermal and acoustic performance, you will not have any heat/cold loose through the walls and floors.

TW has got a wide range of selection and allows you to find the right solutions for your project to achieve your targeted RD values. Terrawool TW range has a variety of thicknesses and densities from 50kg/m3 to 140kg/m3. TW Range can be made plain, without covering, or with covering of foil and white/back tissues. For facing alternatives please contact to our support team.

Terrawool Flexi Frame

Terrawool Flexi Frame is specially designed for a variety of applications such as lofts, roofs and inner face of the external wall.Terrawool Flexi Frame is made from stone wool, which gives a perfect fire rate as well as thermal and acoustic insulation. The Flexi Frame is an non-combustible products therefore, it can be used any type of projects from new build to refurbishment project.

It is easy to apply and suitable for variety of loft and roof insulation as well as inner face of the external walls. Terrawool Flexi Frame is available in a wide range of densities and thicknesses that gives a thermal resistance (RD) rate between 0.086 and 4.57m2 K/W.

Flexi Frame can be applied any type of frame such as timber frame and aluminium studs. The shrinking from the timber frames or metal studs will not effect your installation therefore you can easily place the slabs in place without having any problems.

Flexi Frame will allow you to have a proper acoustic and thermal insulation for your project. With Flexi Frame, you will not have any issues such as displacement of insulation slabs etc. It will fit the space perfectly without giving you any extra hassle.

Terra Wool Rain Clad

Terra Wool Rain Clad is a high performance non-combustible thermal and acoustic insulation for cladding application. Rain Clad insulation slabs has got special factory applied water repelling agent to prevent the water ingress. The Rain Clad is designed for use of ventilated cladding systems as well as sealed systems such as curtain walling, internal/external wall insulation.

Rain Clad insulation is an A1 rated non-combustible product which can be used any type of buildings including the ones above 18m. It also gives you a significant acoustic performance for project.

The insulation slabs are made from stone wool fibres with special water repelling application, it does not effect the breath-ability of the walls, therefore, you would limit to have any condensation.

The Rain Clad is easily installed between brackets without having any hassle. It makes the life easier for the installers. even the for tight gap between the brackets, you can install the insulation slabs in place easily. The flexible edges will give that flexibility during the installations. The Rain Clad has got 0.035 thermal performance and has got 60gr/m3 density product.

Terra Wool Rain Clad Plus (+)

Rain Clad Plus is a product which exactly same of our Rain Clad range. You will have more flexibility and can be manufactured on bespoke bases according to the project requirements. If you are looking for more dense or less dense cladding insulation, then the Rain Clad Plus is a right solution. You can achieve all thermal and acoustic requirements for the project in any thickness and any density.